McDonald’s. Our food. Your choice. It’s all about choice – tasty menu options made from quality ingredients served fast every time. You can visit McDonald’s Riverlink and enjoy their breakfast menu until 10.30am. Wake up to the taste of a delicious Macca’s breakfast. Quick, easy and a great way to start the day. Or enjoy one of your favourites throughout the day and try one of the simple, easy options with the taste you know and love. If you’re looking for a healthier option, McDonald’s are working with the Heart Foundation to help you make healthier choices at our restaurants. Look for one of our Tick Approved choices today. With more than 1 million people coming through our restaurants every day, it’s because they enjoy and trust the food we serve them. Over the past few years we’ve included healthier options on our menu, while continuing to offer the same favourites that we’ve been traditionally known for.