Do you have something that you want to share with the Community?

Riverlink’s Community Noticeboard is located near the Food Court travelators and is available for the promotion of community and personal events. Advertisements are displayed on the noticeboard for two weeks and require a gold coin donation with all funds being donated to the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.

To advertise on the Community Noticeboard simply visit Centre Management.

Are there any rules for the Noticeboard?

  • All notices must be printed or neatly hand written.
  • Printed notices must not be larger than A4.
  • Nothing is to be advertised that conflicts with any Riverlink retailer.
  • Notices will generally be placed on the board each Friday, dependent upon the availability of space.
  • Notices will be displayed for a maximum of two weeks. Payment will not be accepted for an extension of this time at time of placement. If the customer wishes to extend the allowable time frame, they must come into the CMO and pay again.
  • A gold coin donation is required for each notice, with funds being donated to the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.
  • Customers are not permitted access to the Community Notice Board.
  • The CMO reserves the right to deny access to the Community Notice Board if it deems the notice to be inappropriate for any reason. Any questionable notices must be approved by the Centre Manager or Marketing Manager

About the organisation

The Ipswich Hospital Foundation

The Ipswich Hospital Foundation supports the communities health services and promoting healthy lifestyles in order to improve the health of the community and reverse the trend of increasing (and often preventable) chronic diseases. Ipswich Hospital Foundation’s priority is to support digital health and local medical research alongside West Moreton Hospital and Health. Find out more:

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