Please see Terms & Conditions located inside the App for full information.

You can collect points in two ways:

Centre Visit – every time you visit Riverlink your account will automatically be allocated 10 points (once per day).

Retailer purchase – every time you spend at a participating retailer, you are allocated 10 points regardless of the purchase amount. You need to scan that retailers exclusive QR barcode to get the points allocated to your account (make sure you ask the retailer for their barcode if they don’t offer it to you). You can only receive one point allocation, per retailer, per day.

To receive the 10 entry points per visit, you must have the app open and be logged in. Your Bluetooth and location services must also be turned on inside the App. You can find these under Settings/Permissions.

Once you have accumulated points, you can use them in three different ways:

Prizes – search under the ‘Redeem’ button on your app to check out all the free stuff on offer. A current list can be viewed on our Prizes & Offers page.

Retailer Deals & Offers – use the ‘Deals’ button to view the latest deals from our retailers. Some cost you points and some are free. A current list can be view on our Prizes & Offers page.

Exclusive competition – use your points to enter our regular competitions, and keep an eye on the ‘Competitions’ tab on the app for other exclusive competitions and games.

This will depend on the prize or offer, but generally each prize and offer will have a limited quantity or used by date which will dictate when the prize/offer is changed or removed.

Your points will be shown on the home page of the Riverlink app on your phone. They will also be shown each time you go to redeem a prize or offer.

Android devices with Android version 4.0 or later. iPhones with either iOS7 or later.

Unfortunately, the Riverlink App is only available to customers with a smart phone. There may be some smart phones that are not compatible with the Riverlink App, however we are continually monitoring and updating the list of compatible devices.

The app is transferable across to your new device in the same way other apps transfer over. Simply login with using your details and all user information will appear on the new device.

Every Riverlink customer over the age of 15 years is eligible to participate in the scheme, providing they have a compatible smart phone. Rivelrink retail staff and contractors are also eligible, however are not able to accrue points in the store they are employed by.

The collection, use and disclosure of personal information in connection with the Loyalty App is governed by the Centre’s privacy policy which is available for viewing on the Centre’s website and the program’s T&Cs.

Generally, points cannot be collected after your purchase however in exceptional circumstances, a customer may be able to receive their point’s allocation by bringing the relevant receipt to Centre Management, located at the end of the corridor between EB Games and Vodafone.

No. Refunds do not affect collection of points. Please see T&Cs for more information.

No. You may only collect 1x ten point allocation per transaction per retailer per day.

To leave the program simply delete the app from your mobile phone and unsubscribe from the Riverlink App.